BioDynamic Farming - the Next Step Up

Our combination farm and factory, SEKEM, is one of just a few textile suppliers to take organic principles a giant step further by using certified Biodynamic farming methods.



What is BioDynamic Farming?

It’s treating animals, crops and soil in a single-system, sustainable way. Rather than certain individual products being designated 'organic' (crop focused), with Biodynamic farming the entire farm is certified 'organic' (farm focused).

BioDynamic farming seeks to avoid the downside of traditional farming, like soil erosion and draining of nutrients in the soil over time from continual use, and offers new ways to restore a sustainable ecological balance. It focuses on many factors, including plant diversity, crop rotation, animal life, composting, homeopathic solutions, and seasonal cycles.

Qualifying for Biodynamic Certification means using different, and more stringent processes for crop rotation, crop fertilization, planting, and biodiversity farmland preservation to help restore the natural balance.

As you can imagine, BioDynamic certification requires more effort, more discipline and more care, and for this reason, only a few farmers around the world employ a BioDynamic approach to growing cotton.

Egyptian Cotton Tshirts knows that the best things are not always achieved by the easiest or cheapest methods, and we are proud to have partnered with SEKEM who is one of the early leaders in BioDynamic farming!