Cotton Comfort for Work, Travel, Exercise, Lounging and Sleep

A Favorite Choice for Work from Home Attire

One of our t-shirts with our Day-to-Night Live-in Lounge pants makes a perfect suit of clothes for working from home. Our solid colors look good on you so that you look put together on camera while at the same time, they move with you as they hug your body with comfort.

A Great Choice for Travel

Sitting at an airport, in a jet, in a car, bus or train, our Day-to-Night Live-in Lounge pants are precisely the comfort that one wants while at the same time looking good and traveling well. They are durable and wash up well. Paired with one of our quality comfortable t-shirts, you have the perfect travel outfit.

An Unexpected Choice for Exercise

Our oh-so-comfortable lounge pants and t-shirts make a seamless transition to workout wear for the fitness center - and our lounge pants are a particular favorite for yoga classes, where breathability, flexibility, and comfort are key!

Customers love how the soft but durable cotton knit fabric of our lounge pants stretches with the body and doesn't add a lot of weight or bulk.

Day-to-Night Live-In Pants are an unexpected choice for exercise and yoga

Our lounge pants were constructed with an interlock knit fabric which provides this capability for stretch, making it a natural choice for exercise classes. The thoughtful styling of our lounge pants also features a flat, non-constricting elastic waist with deep slant pockets. This reduces bulkiness around the hips and waist (and yes, you can fit a wallet or cellphone in the pocket if you have to!)

Designed to be suitable for both men and women, our universal lounge pants fit well and look great with simple styling in flattering colors.

A No-Brainer for Lounging

What could be better for lounging after work, hanging out, playing video games, reading, watching TV, and lazy weekend days. The super-comfortable clothes from Egyptian Cotton Tshirts are perfect for lounging and playing. 

Lounging with our Easy Embrace shirt and Day-to-Night Live-in Pants

Enough said.

A Perfect Choice for Bed

The breathable nature of cotton and the fact that it absorbs moisture make it a perfect choice, not only for workouts, but also for sleeping! We hear frequently from customers that our luxury t-shirts and lounge pants are moonlighting as comfy bedtime outfits!

Yes. They are that comfortable.

Combined with our thoughtful, intentional styling to maximize comfort without sacrificing fit, our incredibly soft cotton t-shirts and lounge pants are the perfect choice for a luxuriously comfortable night.

33-3-.jpgA perfect choice to wear to bed

We know recent sleep research shows that between 30%-48% of adults struggle to get a good night’s sleep. The natural benefits of high quality cotton for keeping you cool and absorbing moisture away from the body are part of what make it such a great option in the universal quest for uninterrupted, successful sleep.

This includes our Sleep-Well Blanket which is made of brushed organic Egyptian cotton.

100% organic Egyptian cotton blanket, woven brushed cotton with a cotton knit binding on the edge



After years of producing our all-Egyptian-cotton clothing and receiving feedback from customers, we can claim with confidence that all of our 100% Egyptian cotton clothing provides superlative comfort. It's not just the softness of our clothing, but also the fit, the breathability, the hand of the fabric, and how the garments feel through the day when they are washed over and over. All these features of our clothes contribute to them being friends in your closet that you want to reach for when comfort is top of mind.