Multi Chemical Sensitivity [MCS]

People with Multi Chemical Sensitivity [MCS] Find Relief with Egyptian Cotton Tshirts Clothing

Our Natural Color Egyptian Cotton Clothing provides clothing comfort for people with multiple chemical sensitivies [MCS]. We have many customers who enjoy this solution for their clothing comfort.

For example, Janie with naturally fair skin grew up in California with a father who had a hobby of looking for gold and worked with arsenic in the garage where she and her brother would watch. Little did she know at that time that trace amounts would get in her system to cause severe MCS in her adult years. She bought our clothing in multiple colors and washed it with baking soda and vinegar instructions are in our Fabric Care Instruction Sheet] before she or her husband would wear them. They enjoy calm clothing comfort with their clothes from Egyptian Cotton Tshirts.

Another customer was in the dental chair when she had a severe reaction that sent her to the hospital. When she recovered from this life-threatening episode, she found that she was extra sensitive to dyes and fragrances. For her, only the natural color will do.

Our Natural Color has not been dyed or bleached. And of course it is made of Egyptian Cotton, which gives it a top quality and softness for people with sensitive skin.  We encourage you to try it out, and see. We have been very intentional, from the beginning, to be considerate of people whose skin irritates easily. It's like social justice to us...well kind of.

Our natural-color shirts have solved problems for adults with multiple chemical sensitivities and post-operation sensitivities. More than one women has come to us after a mastectomy and found comfort from our natural shirts. Customers whose skin usually reacts negatively to the fabric and dye of other cotton tshirts, find that our cotton tees in colors other than natural do not cause the same reaction. But for the most sensitive people the Natural color provides the best solution, and they are thankful for that. So, if you know someone, or you yourself have skin that needs to be pampered, try our t-shirts or lounge pants, and let joy abound.