Sensory-Friendly Clothing

Sensory-Friendly Clothing from Egyptian Cotton Tshirts

Our youth shirts are soothing and comfortable for children who are picky about how their clothes feel to them. You could also say that these shirts are soothing to their adult parents also who are chronically frustrated with trying to get their child to put on and keep on their clothes.

Many children and adults find that their skin is extra sensitive to any fabric roughness. Synthetic fibers may be rough or maybe it is just the feel of man-made fibers, but options with any synthetic fibers just don't work for many people. What our customers have found is that our Egyptian cotton fabric made from Extra-Long Staple [ELS] cotton is tolerated especially well.

We have helped parents over the years to finally find a shirt that their sensitive children don't object to, our YT02 Youth T-Shirt.

One fashion-conscious young man contacted us about colors and a style he wanted us to carry. He said that once he started wearing our shirts, the level of comfort was so good that he only reluctantly went to other shirts in his wardrobe.

We are especially pleased to have a great option for children who need extra comfort for their skin.

Our natural-color shirts have solved problems for adults with multiple chemical sensitivities and post-operation sensitivities. 

Everyday Luxury and Everyday Comfort is within reach! Fabric matters.