Our High Quality Cotton T-shirts

Our High Quality Cotton T-shirts

The quality of our clothing starts with the quality of our Egyptian cotton knit fabric. Click here to learn more about why Egyptian cotton provides the ultimate cotton comfort experience.  The fine Egyptian cotton yarn  creates a fabric that easily moves with your body and has a excellent "hand."

Details about the fabric of our t-shirts and lounge pants:

  • 100% combed ring-spun Egyptian cotton
  • weight: 180 grams per sq meter for short-sleeve t-shirts or 200 grams per sq meter for lounge pants and long-sleeve t-shirts, this is substantial weight, not sheer/featherweight
  • minimal fading, wrinkling, shrinkage
  • none of those little balls (called piling) that show up on mixed blend shirts
  • NO lycra or spandex (the pants have an elastic waist that is completely covered by fabric)


Our cotton-knit clothing holds up, looking like new for about 2 years of being washed every week. So when you compare ours to another brand, ask yourself, "How long will it last?" The total cost involves the length of time that you can wear an item before needing to replace it.

Even more important than how long it lasts is the superior comfort that Egyptian cotton provides.


Details about the construction of our t-shirts:

  • smooth covered neck seam
  • shoulder-to shoulder taping
  • reinforced shoulders so
    won't stretch out
  • double-needle sleeves and bottom hem
  • sewn side-seams that slightly taper to the waist
  • tags are out of the way where they will not irritate the wearer


A pyramid icon is embroidered on the left sleeve of our T001 t-shirt in tonal matching thread to let people know that you are wearing a quality Egyptian Cotton Tshirts shirt (and provide an easy way to know the front and back of the shirt).

T001, P002, T004 and B001 all use cotton thread or cotton-covered poly thread. Many of our customers have sensitive skin that can not only tolerate, but find comfort in our clothing. All of our shirts are made with soft natural cotton fiber knitted fabric. Our manufacturing process no longer uses bleach, but rather achieves white by an oxygen lightening process.


Please let us know any feedback you have on the styling, construction, or sizing of our Egyptian cotton t-shirts.