Our High Quality Cotton T-shirts

Superior Comfort - Sustainably Sourced - Trusted to Last


It all starts with the finest cotton - 100% organic, authentic, chemical-free Egyptian Cotton. The yarn is 100% combed and ring-spun for longer, stronger strands, providing superior comfort with a fabric that is durable but not overly heavy, and retains a softness that increases, wash after wash. Our focus on sustainable sourcing means that you can feel good about your purchase when it comes to ethical manufacturing, environmental responsibility, and an organic, chemical-free experience. The superior durability of Egyptian Cotton means that you can trust our clothing to last for years.

Note: The thickness or weight of a fabric is typically given worldwide in terms of grams per square meter, or GSM.

Our Quality T-Shirts:

  • 100% organic, authentic, chemical-free Egyptian Cotton
  • 100% combed, ring-spun yarn
  • Single needle, jersey knit fabric
  • 180 GSM weight (on our Everyday Best Friend, Easy Embrace and Steady Teddy styles); 150 GSM (on our Close Friend Tee style)
  • Pre-shrunk
best quality, superior comfort, long-lasting durability, sustainably sourced, everyday luxury

Our Quality Day-to-Night Live-In Pants:

  • 100% organic, authentic, chemical-free Egyptian Cotton
  • 100% combed, ring-spun yarn
  • Interlock fabric
  • 200 GSM 
  • Pre-shrunk

Experience the Luxury of Egyptian Cotton

Some companies cut corners, treating their cotton with a chemical that gives an impression of great softness off the rack, but wears off after a few washes. Others divide the optimal one-ply staple into two, which cuts the staple short and negatively impacts the quality of the fabric. Still others misrepresent their fabric, entirely. According to one study on cotton purity in Egyptian Cotton and American Pima bedding, 89% of the products tested were actually just an inferior cotton blend.

The consumer is then left with the old ‘penny-wise, pound-foolish’ dilemma - to pay as little as possible for a tshirt that will only last a few months before pilling, fraying and looking dingy (and then paying again, and yet again, to replace it) or to pay a little more for a garment that will stay looking and feeling great, wash after wash, for several years to come.

Egyptian Cotton Tshirts is committed to providing quality products that avoid the ‘penny-wise pound-foolish’ dilemma of inferior products, and the buyer’s remorse that follows. We want your pleasure in your purchase to extend far beyond the first few months!

Founded in 2007, Egyptian Cotton Tshirts is the trusted source for sustainably sourced, authentic Egyptian Cotton, responsibly farmed and ethically managed from farm to factory, to provide customers with the ultimate experience in the very finest quality cotton.