About Us

About Us

The purpose of Egyptian Cotton Tshirts is to bring you high-comfort, durable cotton knit clothing in colors that make you look good. We want our shirts and pants to support a comfortable, peaceful, less-irritating lifestyle. We make it possible for you to surround yourself in softness. To learn more about the construction and properties of our t-shirts, see About Our T-shirts.

Our top-quality all cotton fabric and the shirts are manufactured in Egypt at a farm an factory on the outskirts of Cairo. Then the clothing is shipped to Boston, MA. (Massachusetts does not have sales tax on clothing.) We chose a factory where the management has integrity and treats its workers fairly, providing good working conditions. For more details see Why Buy from Us, which addresses the issue of social responsibility in the production of t-shirts.

Our prices are low for the quality of materials and styling. The prices of cotton went up a lot in early 2010 which has required us to increase prices then. And as costs have continued to rise, we have had to continue rising our prices. Our cotton is a premium extra-long staple cotton that competes with US-produced pima cotton.

Your purchase with Egyptian Cotton Tshirts helps to help economically disadvantaged Egyptians employed so that they can survive through troubled times.


Our orders are fulfilled by our fulfillment team in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Executive offices are in Saco, Maine and Burlington, Massachusetts.

We plan to add more styles and fabric choices, so please visit us again.

To contact us: management@egyptiancottontshirts.com

Mail address: 120 Main Street, Suite 116, Saco, ME  04072

Office Phone number: 781-272-7922

Customer Support Phone number: 781-472-0440 or 800-490-0913