Why Buy From ECT Shirts

Pyramids are a symbol of Egypt where our Egyptian cotton t-shirts are made

Why Buy from Egyptian Cotton Tshirts?

  1. Top-quality cotton fabric: super-comfortable, very durable
  2. Our great colors that compliment you: your skin, hair, and eyes
  3. The price you pay is straight-forward: cost of shirts plus shipping
  4. We provide a socially responsible choice
  5. Our company has a narrow focus geared to delivering comfortable, great-looking, cotton knit clothing for every-day living
  6. We have a solid value proposition: high quality for mid-range price


Our Great Clothing

The primary reason to buy from us is our clothing made of combed Egyptian knit fabric. We deliver superior comfort. In addition to comfort, the clothes hold up wash after wash. Consider the 100% Egyptian cotton,
the construction and fit of the t-shirts include covered shoulder seams and top-stitching to reinforce armholes so that each shirt keeps its shape. For pants, we reinforce the crotch and supply soft cotton drawstrings, and the colors of the t-shirts are not too saturated so that they look good on a human body.

A Socially Responsible Choice

When you compare prices, consider that very cheap prices are achieved by minimizing the cost of human labor. Do you want to support the humane treatment of workers? Even with a lot of machine automation, clothing manufacture requires the involvement of people. The t-shirts from many other manufacturers (not American Apparel) come out of Asian sweat shops.

No sweat shops were used to produce our t-shirts.

Our manufacturing facilities treat workers fairly. School-age children are NOT considered for employment. Workers get a fair market wage for the region. They work seven hours per day, 6 days per week (42 hours/wk) and get regular breaks. The manufacturing facility is well-lit and ventilated.

These manufacturing facilities are located in Cairo, Egypt. Your purchases help to employ people in an area that suffers from a high unemployment rate.

Total Purchase Price

When comparing t-shirt prices, consider the total purchase price. What are the add-on costs that show up during checkout? Our ship rates cover just the cost of shipping, plus $.50 handling fee (for tracking numbers and customs paperwork). We use real-time shipping rates for carrier services that have tracking numbers, USPS and FedEx.

We do not need to add tax, because the states where our facilities are located do not charge tax for clothing. So, there is no sales tax in your final purchase price either.


We are focused on making great t-shirts — great fit, great comfort, great colors. We press through any barrier that gets in the way of the best Egyptian cotton knit fabric. We constantly give attention to quality control and we work to obtain consistent high-quality production. Our designer has agonized over just the right colors that will let you look your best and support your lifestyle. We provide a lot of information on our website for your purchasing research, so that you can best determine if our apparel is best suited to your needs.

Great Value

You get the best quality shirt attributes that are usually associated with a designer t-shirt: colors, fabric, and branding. The shirt fabric is made with the top quality cotton that is world renown for its comfort, durability, and color saturation properties. Fabric covers the shoulder seams and back of the neck for comfort and shape-retention. Tags are kept out of the way, so that they are not a source of irritation. Our shirt styles provide ample body length and sleeve length. These top-end qualities are included in your clothes from Egyptian Cotton Tshirts. Cotton prices went up in 2011, and they went up again during the current times of political instability in Egypt. This has resulted in higher prices for our costs. We continue to try and keep the prices of our clothing within the price range of the conventional t-shirt market, even though our fabric is much more expensive than most. We are confident that ours is the best t-shirt value around.