Why Buy From Egyptian Cotton Tshirts


Reasons to Buy from Egyptian Cotton Tshirts

  1. Comfort, superior comfort and comfort again
  2. You get to own and wear quality clothing 
  3. The price you pay is straight-forward: cost of shirts plus shipping
  4. We provide a socially responsible choice
  5. Our company has a narrow focus geared to delivering comfortable, great-looking, cotton knit clothing for every-day living
  6. We have a solid value proposition: high quality for mid-range price

 woman relaxing on a comfortable bed in Egyptian Cotton Tshirts Easy Embrace shirt and Day-to-Night Live-in Pants

Your Comfort

The primary reason to buy from us is the comfort of our clothing and home goods made of combed Egyptian knit fabric.  The nature of this cotton - Egyptian cotton - provides comfort: how it feels on the skin, how it manages temperature between a one's body and the surroundings, how it breathes, how it flows and how it absorbs moisture. We are not stingy with our cotton fabric in our clothing: sleeve length, body length, pants length, fabric weight are all fairly generous for the industry. The fit of our clothes contributes to comfort as well.

After years of producing our all-Egyptian-cotton clothing and receiving feedback from customers, we can claim with confidence that our 100% Egyptian cotton clothing provides superlative comfort.

You Deserve Quality Clothing

Quality shows. Quality products also hold up over time. In addition to comfort, your clothes from Egyptian Cotton Tshirts will hold up wash after wash. 100% Egyptian cotton, the construction and fit of our t-shirts, covered shoulder seams and top-stitching so that each shirt keeps its shape - all of these features are involved in our quality t-shirts. For pants, we reinforce the crotch and supply soft cotton drawstrings. The colors of our clothes are by design less saturated so that they complement the hair, eyes and skin of the people who wear them. You deserve to look good and feel good in your clothes.

You Get to Make the World a Better Place

When you compare prices, consider that very cheap prices are achieved by minimizing the cost of human labor. Do you want to support the humane treatment of workers? Even with a lot of machine automation, clothing manufacture requires the involvement of people. The t-shirts from many other manufacturers come from Chinese slave labor. Our factory pays its worker a good wage for the region (Giza region of Egypt) and observes regular business hours. The manufacturing facility is well-lit and ventilated. Workers are treated fairly. Children to not work on the production of our products. 

The combination farm and factory that is our source for cotton and labor is phenomenal at greening a desert area, employing biodiverse farming practices, humane employment and cultivating human potential.

Your purchases help to employ people in an area that suffers from a high unemployment rate. Your purchase genuinely makes the world a better place.

You Gain High Value for a Low Total Purchase Price

When comparing t-shirt prices, consider the total purchase price.

How long does your usual t-shirt last before you stop wearing it and it goes ignored in your room? Our clothing lasts for 3-5 years with being washed every week. So, consider not just the current mid-range price, but also the price of replacement over time.

What are the add-on costs that show up during checkout for shipping and handling? We have minimal shipping charges and no handling charge. We do not need to add tax, because the states where our facilities are located do not charge tax for clothing. So, there is no sales tax in your final purchase price either.

You get the best quality shirt attributes that are usually associated with a designer t-shirt: colors, fabric, and branding. The shirt fabric is made with the top quality cotton (1% of the world's cotton) that is world renown for its comfort, durability, and color saturation properties. Fabric covers the shoulder seams and back of the neck for comfort and shape-retention. Tags are kept out of the way, so that they are not a source of irritation. Our shirt styles provide ample body length and sleeve length. These top-end qualities are included in your clothes from Egyptian Cotton Tshirts. We remain confident that ours is the best t-shirt value around.

 man lounging on a bed drinking coffee dressed in Egyptian Cotton Tshirts' clothing; he is very comfortable