Best Practices Fabric Care Tips from Egyptian Cotton Tshirts

Tips on Taking Care of Your Cotton T-Shirts

How to Take Care of Your Quality Egyptian Cotton Clothing

Tip 1: Easy care for no wrinkles

Take the t-shirts out of the dryer before they are fully dry and hang them or lay them flat. Gravity and the heat from the dryer make the fabric look good, without wrinkles. This also prevents the fabric from becoming too brittle from too much heat. [Cotton starts to become more brittle when it is dry and has a temperature of more than 77°F (25°C).]

Tip 2: Keep fabric soft and absorbent

If you want to keep the softness and absorbancy of our t-shirts, do not use fabric softener. It puts a coating on the cotton that presses down the fibers and prevents them from absorbing moisture (i.e. sweat).

Tip 3: Keep fabric soft and irritant-free

When washing cotton knit fabrics, be careful about:

  • which detergent is used
  • how much is used, and
  • complete rinsing

Detergents like Tide have fragrance, and chemicals that can be irritating to skin. If you use it, make sure that it gets completely rinsed out of the fabric. People with sensitive skin should use an appropriate biodegradable detergent that is non-irritating. If too much detergent is used, it is harsh to the fabric and it is hard to rinse out completely. The extra chemicals and soap cause the fabric to be less soft and more irritating.

Tip 4: Sweaty shirts should be dried out or washed soon

When a shirt is wet, it starts to grow mold. The mold is damaging to the cotton fibers and can cause spots. Depending on the temperature, mold damage could start in 8 - 12 hours.