Kind to the Earth - Organic

Certified Organic by GOTS and USDA Standards

The GOTS [Global Organic Textile Standard] tag on your garment guarantees that your clothes have met the strictest available standards for organic clothing. It certifies that the fabric is free from any allergenic or carcinogenic compounds, as well as toxic chemical residues. Not only is the resulting fabric of your clothes certified to be free from undesirable compounds, in addition, the entire processing chain from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing is addressed this Standard, from field to fashion.

The dyes we use are kind to the earth. For example, our white color is called Natural White, because we use an oxygenation process to lighten the natural-colored cotton yarn. We do not use bleach. Some dyes in the garment business use heavy metals, but not ours. Runoff from the dyeing process matters for the health of the earth.

Another benefit of GOTS certified garments is that the people making your clothes are protected from these substances as well.

For more information on the Global Organic Textile Standard [GOTS], the Organic Trade Association provides this page of information:

Similarly, our clothes and factory has been certified to the USDA Standards. More information on the USDA Organic certification can be found here.